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There have been some questions regarding animal control and when to call which NAR number - we want to provide some clarification!

ANIMAL CONTROL: Animal control in the Tri-Community is separated into THREE jurisdictions: La Ronge, Air Ronge and LLRIB. Each municipality is responsible for any animals found at large within their community. NAR provides animal control for the Town of La Ronge ONLY. This is due to a contract agreement between our organization and the Town of La Ronge. If you see a stray animal in your community, contact your appropriate designate (listed in the graphic).

ANIMAL CARE OFFICER PHONE NUMBER: Our Animal Care Officer now has their own personal phone number 1-306-420-6450. This phone number is to be contacted for animal control (within the Town of La Ronge ONLY) and animal welfare concerns.

NAR BUSINESS PHONE NUMBER: Please contact NAR directly at 1-306-420-6550 if you have any questions/inquiries regarding fostering, donating, volunteering, events, vet clinics, school presentations, general comments, etc. This phone number will now be considered our business line.

If you have any questions, please contact us via Facebook messenger or at 1-306-420-6550.



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