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Our organization would not be able to function without the continued help and support of the Tri-Community.  We rely heavily upon our supporters to keep the rescue society in motion.  If you are interested in assisting our cause, here are some ways you can contribute!


NAR accepts many types of donations!  All donations are greatly appreciated and put to good use within our daily operations.  Common items used for our animals include dog/cat food, collars, leashes, tie outs, towels, bedding, etc.  Other items used for pound upkeep and sanitation include cardboard, newspaper, garbage bags, and plastic gloves.  Other donation items include baking dog treats for craft fairs, silent auction items or baked goods for TGIF's.  If you would rather, NAR also accepts monetary donations that are put towards veterinary bills, vaccinations, transportation costs and all other related expenses that keep us up and running.

If you would like to donate, please use the link below.

If you cannot donate items or prefer to donate your time... why not volunteer?  NAR is always looking for volunteers.  Volunteer duties can include dog walking, helping at our bi-annual vet clinics, baking dog treats for local craft fairs, helping at a TGIF, participating in NAR animal pulls, transporting animals, so much more!  Anyway in which you can help is great - a little help goes a long way!


Don't have the time to volunteer?  Maybe fostering is right for you.  NAR is in constant need of fosters for our rescue animals.  Foster homes provide our animals with the love and attention that they would otherwise not receive.  By fostering, you are helping to socialize animals and prepare them for their furever homes.  And let's be honest... you'll be able to provide unlimited cuddles to well deserving animals!

Participate and spread the word!  NAR is constantly hosting events, posting about animals on our Facebook page, fundraising, the list goes on.  By attending these events or spreading the word about them, you are advocating and acknowledging the hard work we do in the Tri-Community.  Most importantly, by participating you are contributing to keeping our organization up and running.  Thank you for your continued support.


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