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NAR is a non-profit, charitable organization.  We rely heavily upon fundraising to cover the costs of our day to day operations.  All donations and funds raised by NAR are used to pay for veterinary bills, vaccinations, foster home costs, transportation, pet food, leashes, collars and many other expenses incurred by the humane society.  

Animal Control

In 2017, we entered into a contract with the Town of La Ronge to provide animal control services to the community.  This contract provided us with the use of their pound facility, making it easier for us to perform day to day operations with our primary focus being animal control.  Along with the use of the pound, we were able to hire an Animal Care Officer to oversee animal control, rescue intake, vaccinations and many other duties.  If you have an animal control issue within the Town of La Ronge, please contact our ACO at 1-306-420-6450.

Click on the following links to read about the Town Of La Ronge animal control bylaws:


We provide education on animal welfare to many classrooms in  the Tri-Community.  Topics of discussion include animal behavior, responsible pet ownership, proper interaction with animals and much more!  If you are interested in setting up a presentation for your classroom, please contact us via phone or email.  

Mobile Vet Clinics

NAR has partnered with the Western College of Veterinary Medicine to provide bi-annual veterinary clinics to those in our Tri-Community area.  These vet clinics provide members of our community with access to resources they would otherwise be unable to receive within the Tri-Community. 


Veterinary services include spay and neuter operations, vet checkups and vaccinations.  

PetSmart Prince Albert

PetSmart is a trusted and faithful partner of NAR.  Any cats that come into our care are treated by a veterinarian, spayed or neutered and then taken to PetSmart.  Our partnership allows us to adopt out cats from our rescue.  100% of funds from adoptions at PetSmart are given back to our organization.

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